Rumors were rife that Samsung will ditch its own TizenOS to embrace Google’s WearOS. It seems that there were some elements of truth to the rumor as a trusted source has got some insider information as to how Samsung is planning to execute the whole thing.

According to sources close to SamMobile, Samsung may have three new versions of its upcoming smartwatch, including a classic design. The other two versions will feature sporty design elements.

These three upcoming versions won’t be based on the TizenOS, instead, Samsung will use some OneUI design elements atop WearOS to keep OS similar to what it was before. One of the interesting features of the Galaxy Watch 4 will be the ability to transform your Galaxy Watch 4 into a walkie-talkie.

Although not confirmed, we expect the smartwatch to become available in different sizes and may optionally come with LTE. Other features might include a heart rate monitor, an ECG, GPS, and a circular AMOLED screen. And rumor has it that the Galaxy Watch 4 will embrace Google’s WearOS, unlike the Galaxy Watch 3. Rumor also has it that Samsung’s all future smartwatches will be based on the WearOS and not TizenOS. Samsung is expected to launch the smartwatch in the Q2 of 2021.

Unfortunately, that’s all that we know about the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch Active 4. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated about all the future developments related to Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch Active 4.