Big news! Samsung is dropping Tizen for Android Wear for the next Samsung Galaxy Watch


19, 2021

Reliable Samsung leaker Ice Universe has revealed that Samsung is switching from Tizen, their own home-grown operating system, to Android Wear, Google’s smartwatch operating system, for the next Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Samsung will reportedly use a OneUI skin over Android Wear, and will also bring their unique functionality along.

The news is somewhat alarming to Samsung Galaxy Watch users, given the slugging pace Android Wear has progressed and the tepid support the OS has from Google.

On the other hand, Android Wear does have much wider software support than Tizen, so there may be some benefit.

The GalaxyClub have released the model numbers of Samsung’s new 2021 smartwatch range.  The numbers, SM-R86x and SM-R87x, suggests the device will be coming in two sizes, as has been usual for Samsung.

How do our readers feel about the coming change in operating systems? Let us know below.

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