According to famous tipster Jon Prosser, who gets pretty much all the Apple leaks right, Apple is all set to launch the new Apple Watch and iPad Air on September 8 via a press release. The tipster had previously claimed that the new both iPad Air and Apple Watch will be released during the week of September 7. Jon Prosser is still sticking to his previous claims saying that “My sources are not budging or changing their mind.” Apple is expected to release the Apple Watch and the iPad Air on September 8 at 09:00 am EST(1:00 pm GMT/ 3:00 pm CET/ 6:30 pm IST).

There is a lot of speculation about the release date of Apple’s upcoming new products, including the new Apple Watch, iPad Air, and the iPhone 12 series. The company recently announced on its website that it’s all set to unveil the next-generation iPhone, next-generation Apple Watch, and more on September 10, though it removed the post from its website a few minutes later which confused people further. Luckily, tipster Jon Prosser seems to have cleared all the confusion regarding the release date.

Meanwhile, the upcoming iPhone 12 will get a virtual launch event in the month of October. Some rumors are also suggesting that Apple will release the iPhone 12 lineup in two stages, with two 6.1-inch models in the first and another two 6.7- and 5.4-inch devices in the second. We, however, cannot independently confirm the rumors.

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