Netflix might be getting livestreams

May 16, 2022

In the wake of subscriber losses, and the impending threat of even more users ditching the platform, Netflix is reportedly looking into expanding into livestreaming. 

According to a new report from Deadline, Netflix’s expansion into livestreams and live content would primarily be used for unscripted shows and the stand-up comedy specials that the platform has become known for. 

Deadline notes that Netflix could also use livestreaming and live broadcasting to run competitions in which viewers can vote in real-time, allowing for increased engagement with a show beyond giving it a double thumbs up.

With Netflix hosting and funding a number of high profile comedy specials, such as the in-person Netflix Is a Joke Fest, it makes perfect sense that the streaming giant would be looking to capitalize upon the success of these events through additional broadcasts beyond the recorded sessions that are set to air this May and June.

Unfortunately for subscribers who aren’t fans of comedy specials or reality television, it appears that Netflix is keeping the scope of this early project limited, as the feature won’t be rolled out to sports coverage such as the Formula 1 Drive to Survive series. 

Deadline reports that there is no timeline for the rollout of this feature just yet, as it is still early in development.

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