Netflix is working on a new live-action Pokémon series

July 27, 2021
Pokémon Netflix Pokemon

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Following on from the success of 2019’s live-action Detective Pikachu, Netflix is supposedly working on a new Pokémon series in the same style, according to a report by Variety.

Variety reveal in their report that “the project is still in its early days” so there are no details available about the plot or when the new series might release. 

Being so early in development, there also aren’t any details about any characters that may be included in the show or the cast who will be playing them. Variety’s sources did at least reveal that Lucifer co-showrunner and executive producer Joe Henderson is attached to the show to write and produce it. 

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While we will obviously have to wait and see to find out if Netflix’s Pokémon show is any good, it’s not the only gaming-related show they’re creating, as the streaming giant has also produced series based around Valve’s DOTA 2 as well as The Witcher, which is admittedly more based around the books rather than CD Projekt’s games, season two of which is set to air on December 17th 2021.

Netflix has also recently spoken out about how they view “gaming as another new content category for us,” with plans to release mobile games via their platform in the future. These games are planned to be “included in member’s Netflix subscription at no additional cost,” so there should be a lot of gaming content from Netflix to look forward to in the future.

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