Netflix is focusing on mobile games as well as films and tv

July 21, 2021

Netflix has revealed via a Q2 earnings report that the streaming giant is planning to create mobile games alongside their films and tv programming. 

Speaking to shareholders in the report, Netflix announced that “we view gaming as another new content category for us, similar to our expansion into original films, animation and unscripted TV.”

Unlike Black Mirror Bandersnatch, whose popularity likely paved the way for this new venture, the report states that they’ll be “primarily focused on games for mobile devices.” While this doesn’t rule out interactive adventures entirely, Bandersnatch proved that they can work on any platform with a simple remote, so they may be targeting more complex games in the future. 

Netflix has previously announced and stated once again during the report, that “games will be included in member’s Netflix subscription at no additional cost,” which is similar to what we’ve seen with their original programming.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Netflix wanting to get into gaming, as back in May, we reported on how they’re planning to go head to head with Microsoft, Google, and Apple in the game streaming market, although it appears now that they might only be streaming their own games.

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Despite primarily making films and tv shows, Netflix has dabbled in games before with their 2018 interactive adventure Black Mirror Bandersnatch, which let you choose your own path through an episode of the show. The streaming giant has also developed a Stranger Things mobile game back in 2017 for iOS devices, which may be similar to the mobile games they’re planning to make in the future.  

There haven’t been any details revealed about exactly what Netflix might be working on yet, but the report states that they’re “in the early stages of further expanding into games,” so any finished title might still be a way off yet.

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