Mysterious Xbox Gaming Services app show up in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft’s new Xbox Gaming Services application has stealth-launched onto the Microsoft Store.

While currently unknown, the mysterious application is thought to be test software designed to make UWP less of a chore.

Posted on Twitter by user h0x0d, Gaming Services is a free application available under utilities and tools. It was part of the recent State of Decay Windows 10 trail.

According to the app’s description, Gaming Services require the following permissions:

  • Access all your files, peripheral devices, apps, apps, and programs
  • Access your internet connection
  • Install a service on the machine
  • Install a service on the machine that runs with maximum privileges
  • Manage other apps directly
  • Gather information about other apps
  • Control system policies related to apps that installed on the device

According to the Twitter user, Gaming Services is related to upcoming Game Core updates to UWP and Xbox Live. In theory, it should allow the Windows Store to perform better. Primarily, it should help with the installation of large programs through the Windows Store.

An article by Windows Central also states that Game Core is also an initiative designed to make the porting and playing of Xbox titles easier on PC. With Microsoft’s push for cross-platform dominance, improving this is a key area that they need to improve upon.

Xbox Gaming Services is currently listed as a free application, although any attempts to download on our part have been unsuccessful.

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