Microsoft may be working on a way to get Xbox Game Pass onto the Nintendo Switch, according to a rumor.

Coming from Direct-Feed Games, a reputable rumor mill, Microsoft and Nintendo are allegedly working together on this project.

With Microsoft currently working on a cross-platform Xbox Live backend, the news isn’t too much of a stretch. After all, the two publishers have had a rather solid relationship over the years.

After purchasing Rare in 2002, many Rare-developed games were exclusive to Nintendo consoles. If that relationship is still strong, this doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch.

According to Direct-Feed, Microsoft will also be publishing “one high profile Xbox One indie exclusive” on the Switch. Ori and the Blind Forest is one possible candidate.

With the large power discrepancy between the two consoles, how would Xbox games be playable on Switch? Well, through Project xCloud.

Through the power of streaming, Microsoft is simply granting owners of Xbox software the ability to stream that software onto their Nintendo Switch. Of course, with certain multi-platform titles, this may become an issue, but we’re sure Microsoft will figure everything out.

What are your thoughts on Xbox Game Pass coming to the Switch? Do you feel it adds less value to the purpose of dedicated Xbox hardware? Tell us in the comments below.