MSPoweruser Gamescast #3: PS5 Reveal Reactions

June 12, 2020
PS5 reveal reactions

It’s another episode of the MSPoweruser Gamescast. You may be thinking, “Please stop, guys. Just please… I’m begging you!” No! That’s what I say to you! If we stopped, how could we give you our incredibly important and influential PS5 reveal reactions? Oh… You don’t want them? Well, I’ll just put them here anyways, you know, if you want they’re just there. 

In our PS5 reveal reactions podcast, we talk about the look of the PlayStation 5 (and it’s Digital Edition), Spider-Man Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, Horizon: Forbidden West, and more! I know, there’s so much content for you specifically to listen to.

Anyways, you can listen to the newest episode of the MSPoweruser Gamescast riiiiiight here!

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The podcast is currently pending on a bunch of platforms. We’ll update this article when they go live later today.

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