More specs of Samsung’s Infinity Flex display revealed



Today at their developer event Samsung unveiled their Infinity Flex screen, to be used in their upcoming foldable smartphone.

During the keynote, only the diagonal of the inside screen was revealed, with attendees being told it was 7.3 inches.

After the event, however, Samsung held a developer session to allow developers to get up and running early with supporting the device.

There Samsung revealed a bit more info, including that the front screen is only 4.58 inches, with a 21:9 ratio, while the inside screen will have a 4.2:3 ration similar to other tablets.

Samsung describes the front screen as “Normal”, but I suspect 4.3 inches would be more closely described as small these days, especially with the massive bezels present in the front. Samsung describes the inside of the device as the “main” display, but I suspect in day to day one-handed-use the external display will likely get most of our attention, with the device only being opened for sit-down usage.

The details were revealed by CNET’s Shara Tibken, who also revealed that Flipboard will be an early adopter of the handset and would produce a special version of their app for the device which offered more panes when the handset was opened.

Given the relatively small size of the front screen, do our readers feel the handset may be a compromise too far? Let us know below.

Via The verge

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