Windows 11 gets ‘More Mixer Settings’ in Quick Settings volume mixer

March 13, 2023
Windows 11

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After launching a volume mixer experience in Quick Settings, Microsoft now wants to further enhance it by introducing “More Mixer Settings,” which would give users more control over their app audios.

The rollout of Dev Build 25309 was so exciting as it revealed boatloads of features from Microsoft, including Auto Color Management, theme-aware widgets, and more. Among the details mentioned in the release, nonetheless, the thing that most stood out was the new volume mixer experience in Quick Settings, which audio customization on a per-app basis. The feature was incredibly simple at that time, but Microsoft improved it in the first Canary Channel release, Build 25314.

As pointed out by Windows enthusiast @PhantomOfEarth on Twitter, Canary Build 25314, which shows the continuation of Microsoft’s work for the volume mixer, now has More Mixer Settings that will provide users with more audio control options. However, while the enhanced mixer is an attractive feature for Insiders in the Canary Channel, Microsoft noted that the releases in the said place are less stable compared to those in the Dev Channel.

“The builds that will be flighted to the Canary Channel will be ‘hot off the presses,’ flighting very soon after they are built, which means very little validation and documentation will be done before they are offered to Insiders,” explained Microsoft. “These builds could include major issues that could result in not being able to use your PC correctly or even in some rare cases require you to reinstall Windows.”

Just recently, some Insiders reported experiencing issues with the new volume mixer, including the failure of the Windows key + Ctrl + V shortcut and a weird ‘mute’ behavior. As the feature continues to roll out, more problems like these are expected to surface.

Are you also a Windows 11 Insider with access to this feature? Tell us about your experience. 

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