More HTC quality control issues–now HTC 7 Trophy with backwards screen!


3, 2010

Author Surur // in News


HTC’s reputation for high quality handsets continue to slip, with the HTC 7 Trophy, one of their lower-cost Windows phone 7 handsets, appearing to be the greatest victim.

Adding to the list of issues including  slow memory,variable screen and bubbles under the screen, we now have the bizarre incident of the glass layer on the screen being applied apparently upside down, meaning the etching for the search and back arrow is the wrong way round (the finger prints have been added to make it easier to see the etchings). This of course also means any coatings added to the screen will not be doing much protecting on the wrong side of the interface.

While the example above may be a once-off, it is just another sign of slipping quality control at the Taiwanese company, currently challenging Apple in the consumer market.  With rumours of a HTC 7 Trophy recall we bet HTC wished they paid more attention to their Windows Phone 7 handset.


Thanks Philip for the tip.

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