Not all Windows Phones created equal? Samsung Omnia 7 loads games much faster that HTC 7 Trophy

by Surur
November 1, 2010

Thanks JiN for bringing this very interesting video to our attention.  The video shows the HTC 7 Trophy on the left and the Samsung Omnia 7 on the right both loading the same game, RetroSpace.

In the test the Samsung Omnia 7 consistently beat the HTC 7 Trophy, with the Omnia taking around 5 seconds and the Trophy around 11-12 seconds, more than twice as much.

The slower load times, a consistent complaint of reviewers, may be due to HTC’s use of internal (and inaccessible) microSD cards, versus the NAND modules use by Samsung, but of course we can not be sure at this time.

Is this another reason to love the Samsung Omnia 7, despite its one impediment? Let us know below.

Edit: There are many commenters who are saying the low battery condition on the HTC handset may be the problem.  The uploader of the video on YouTube responds:

Battery life does not affect the loading time. I have a fully charged Trophy next to? me now and the loading time is exactly the same. JonthanYong

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