Mixer is set to invest in new ways to help streamers monetize their channels

Microsoft’s streaming service Mixer has fought an uphill battle to gain as much popularity as its main competitor Twitch. The latter already offers a variety of ways for streamers to monetize their channels, and it looks like Mixer is attempting to do so as well. In an announcement on Mixer’s official blog (via Neowin), the company stated that it will invest in new ways to help streamers grow their channels and make money.

One of the ways Mixer will do this is through the Mixer Direct Purchase program, which is now in testing and will launch broadly soon according to the company. It will be available for all games on Microsoft’s digital storefront, including more than 5,000 games across Xbox and Windows 10.

“With Mixer Direct Purchase, viewers can purchase digital games and game DLC directly through the Mixer streaming platform. When you’re watching a Mixer Partner playing a game or DLC that you want to own, you can purchase directly from the stream you’re watching. Mixer partners will earn a percentage from all purchases made through their stream, in turn helping them to continue to bring great content to their Mixer community.”

The ability to tip your favorite streamers will be making its way to the platform soon as well. Streamers can continue to use external services to accept tips, but an option will be added for viewers to do it directly through Mixer.

While you can subscribe to Mixer channels on web and mobile, viewers have been unable to do so through the Xbox One app. That is set to change soon. By popular demand, they are adding that functionality to Mixer on Xbox One.

More information about these features will be shared in the coming months.