Minecraft’s next mob could be the Glare 

October 12, 2021
Minecraft Glare

Mojang has announced the first contender which could be Minecraft’s next mob, the Glare, a floating bush with eyes. 

Despite having the potential to look like nightmare fuel considering its features, the Glare is actually a surprisingly adorable and remarkably helpful mob, which will alert players to areas that are dark enough for monsters to spawn in by throwing a “hissy fit.”

Astute players will already know that Minecraft already partially has this feature, as by pressing F3, to access the debug screen in Java editions of the game, you’ll be able to see the light value of the block you’re currently standing on. So long as the light value is above 7, you’re in the clear as no hostile mobs can spawn. 

While the debug screen does make the Glare a little bit redundant already, the Glare does have a few advantages such as being able to fly over to otherwise missable dark areas while also being utterly adorable. This should make the Glare a worthwhile companion while mining or crafting, so long as it gets added to the game that is. 

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In the blog post, Mojang announced that the Glare will be one of three potential mobs that could be added to Minecraft, so look forward to hearing about the other two possible mobs soon, as Mojang is likely to announce them before the event itself. 

Minecraft Live is due to kick-off later this week on October 16th at Noon ET / 5 PM BST, so make sure you’re watching along if you want the chance to vote on which mob is coming to Minecraft next.

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