Minecraft Live is back once again


3, 2021

Mojang has announced that, after being turned into a digital event last year, Minecon is back once again this year in the form of Minecraft Live.

Kicking off on October 16th at Noon ET / 5 PM BST,  Minecraft Live will feature new and old familiar faces from Mojang Studios who’ll be appearing in “in-depth interviews, exciting reveals, a nail-biting vote, and puns galore!”

Those watching Minecraft Live will even be able to shape Minecraft’s history with that “nail-biting vote,” as throughout the show, viewers will be able to “vote on the next block-breaking mob to be added to Minecraft,” so the show should definitely be one to watch.  

While we’ve not been told the exact schedule for the event, it’s likely that we’ll see some announcements relating to the second part of the Caves & Cliffs update, which is due to release this holiday period

YouTube player

Minecraft Live will be broadcast on Youtube, or via Minecraft’s website, and it will be free for everyone to watch from the comfort of their own homes.

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