In the ever-expanding Minecraft Marketplace, you can now buy the latest in licenced DLC, featuring Ben 10 and his Omnitrix.

In the DLC, which has both story and free roam modes, you play as the titular Ben and his assortment of aliens stored within the Omnitrix, each one of which has their own gameplay and animations. 

With over 10 aliens to play as, as you might expect from the name, and villains Vilgax, Zombozo, and Kevin 11 to defeat, there’s plenty to get on with in this latest DLC, which is available for 1340 coins on the Minecraft Marketplace

If you want to see what it’s all about there’s a trailer that shows off what you can expect across the DLC’s expansive story map. 

This DLC is the latest in a continuing trend of licenced DLC’s in Minecraft. Previously we’ve seen How to Train your Dragon, Star Wars, and even Pac Man all have licenced DLC’s, so there’s no reason to expect this trend to stop any time soon.