Minecraft’s latest DLC is all about dragons, but not just the blocky ender dragon we all know and love, as this one’s all about dragons from Dreamwork’s How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

The DLC, which you can purchase for 1340 coins on the Minecraft Marketplace today, includes a new map and a bounty of activities within. Being made by Gamemode One, who has handled other licenced DLC’s in the past, you already know it’s been crafted with skilled blocky hands. 

On the activities roster across the DLC’s islands, are racing competitions, quests to release captive dragons, and of course plenty of dragons to tame and collect. These ridable flying mounts are perfect for island hopping across the maps archipelago, and they make for handy combatants too with their fiery breath.  

The DLC also includes 24 skins to show off your dragon mastery with, as well as a brand new in-game character creator item that will be free to all players. 

To show off what it’s all about, Minecraft also released a nifty trailer that shows off the stunning vistas and some of what you can get up to.