Minecraft Java users warned of security vulnerability

December 13, 2021

Mojang has warned Minecraft Java users of a dangerous security vulnerability, urging players to update their games immediately. 

The issue allows malicious parties to remotely execute code on Minecraft servers by pasting messages into the in-game chatbox. 

After this vulnerability was discovered, Mojang has been quick to act, issuing a blog post over the weekend which stated the issue has already been patched, and all players need to do is update their game client. 

To update your Minecraft Java client, all you need to do is close all running instances of the game and then restart the game’s launcher. After this, the patched version of the game should automatically download, protecting you from this vulnerability. 

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Alongside the blog post, Mojang also took to Twitter to warn players of this security vulnerability, stating that “player safety is the top priority for us. Unfortunately, earlier today we identified a security vulnerability in Minecraft: Java Edition.”

“The issue is patched, but please follow these steps to secure your game client and/or servers,” the statement continued. Mojang even asked players to “RT top amplify,” so as many users as possible could be protected. 

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