Minecraft in a Nutshell This February 2022

February 23, 2022

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Minecraft opened February 2022 by celebrating the Lunar New Year with players. Between February 1 and 7, it offered themed packs, a free world by Next Studio, and a free tiger-themed mask and sweater in the Character Creator. In addition, Minecraft opened a new world with a new map, the Legend of Nezha. The fun in this sandbox video game, nonetheless, didn’t stop after the said fest. Minecraft just kept on spicing up things for its gamers.

Just after the Lunar New Year treat, Minecraft released a free collaboration DLC map, PUMA x Minecraft: Sprint Dash, last February 8. This provided players a new line of Minecraft x PUMA apparel and footwear or 24 Puma skins. Here, players can explore three interactive maps leading them to a city, jungle, and arctic as they collect items and gather upgrades.

On the other hand, Minecraft celebrated another milestone by reaching over 15 million players since the game’s launch. It happened during the Festival of Frost, which was part of Minecraft Dungeon‘s wintry theme that lasted until February 22. The event in the winter-themed map offered frosted structures and floors.

During the same time, it was announced that Chills and Thrills seasonal trials from last year’s event will make a comeback.

“Seasonal trials from the Chills and Thrills event will make a return, offering players who missed out on last year’s event the chance to experience all the fun. And, saving the best for last, to commemorate this occasion, every player who logs into the game after February 8 will receive the ‘Iceologer Cape’ reward as a thank you for being part of our ongoing journey,” Per Landin writes in a post on Minecraft.net.

On February 18, the World Warrior skin pack arrived in Minecraft Marketplace. Brough by 57Digital and Capcom, the skin pack introduces 35 Capcom’s classic fighters like Ryu and Chun-Li. It also offers one free Character Creator item and twelve paid character creator items.

“These familiar faces have been on our screens even longer than Steve and Alex, and now you can play as one of them (or all 35!) in Minecraft,” writes Sophie Austin in a post on Minecraft.net.

For more updates about the new maps and news about the game, you can visit Minecraft.Net.

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