Minecraft Dungeons is getting Seasonal Adventures

October 18, 2021
Minecraft Dungeons

Mojang has announced during Minecraft Live 2021, that Minecraft Dungeons is going to be getting free Seasonal Adventures and themed events to up the adventuring ante. 

Featuring both free and paid rewards each season, Minecraft Dungeons will be getting a battle pass rewards system through the new Seasonal Adventures, which will rotate in new weekly challenges to earn “Adventure Points.” 

Using Adventure Points, which can thankfully also be obtained just by playing the game normally, you’ll be able to unlock new skins, capes, pets, emotes, and flares in order to cosmetically enhance your dungeon exploring adventures. 

The first season coming to Minecraft Dungeons is going to be called The Cloudy Climb, and it’ll feature a new single-player dungeon called The Tower, as well as plenty of unlockable rewards such as fox and raven pets, as well as an emote which will finally let your brave adventurer have a long overdue lie-down.

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Minecraft Dungeons’ Seasonal Adventures is due to launch later this year, sometime in the ambiguous “holiday season.”

With Minecraft Dungeons having a promising future of procedural seasonal content and plenty of DLC’s already out, it seems that there’s never been a better time to pick up Mojang’s diablo-esque spinoff. 

If all the content on offer isn’t enough to convince you, in our review, we said that “Minecraft Dungeons may not be the most complex epic adventure to behold, but it is wonderfully delightful and a pleasure to play.”

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