As of August 1st, 2020, the AR-based Minecraft spinoff Minecraft Earth will no longer be available on certain 32-bit Android devices.

While no reason was given for the withdrawal of support, the official Minecraft help website says that all affected users will be refunded for any money spent on in-game purchases.

If affected players also decide to return to playing Minecraft Earth on a compatible device, their progress and inventory will still be associated with their account.

In order to play Minecraft Earth, you’ll need a device that has AR capabilities and that isn’t named on the list of non-compatible devices below. To see which Android devices support AR, you can follow the link here. For iOS devices, you can follow the link here.

You can find a list of devices that do not support Minecraft Earth below.

ManufacturerModel Name
BlacksharkShark 1S
GooglePixel XL
HuaweiNexus 6P
LGENexus 5X
Motorolamoto g(6)
SamsungGalaxy TabS3
SamsungGalaxy J5
SamsungGalaxy A8+(2018)
SamsungGalaxy J7
SamsungGalaxy Fold
SamsungGalaxy Fold 5G
SamsungGalaxy J5 Pro
XiaomiRedmi  Note  7 Pro
MotorolaMoto G7 Play
MotorolaMoto G5S Plus
SamsungGalaxy A3
SamsungGalaxy A6
SamsungGalaxy A7