Microsoft’s Your Phone app already supports the Surface Duo

by Surur
June 20, 2020

We are reportedly mere weeks away from the launch of the Microsoft Surface Duo, and consistent with this is the news that Microsoft’s Your Phone app already contains assets specifically for the Surface Duo.

Tweeted by Zac Bowden from the WC, the screenshot shows the device icon with wallpaper proudly displayed in the app.

ALumia have extracted the assets, which can be seen below:

They show the Your Phone app will be able to reflect if the handset is in the dual-pane or single-pane mode.

Current rumours are that Microsoft hopes to launch the Surface Duo before the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, which is being presented on the 5th August at Samsung’s Unpacked event

The specs of the handset have leaked recently, and these include a Snapdragon 855 SoC which will be paired with 6 GB of RAM and 64/256 GB of storage. Microsoft has also added an 11 MP camera to the inside of the device. The device will also have two AMOLED 5.6-inch screens with a resolution of 1800 x 1350, with biometrics supplied via a fingerprint reader. Microsoft reportedly also included a 3,460 mAh battery to power the hardware.  The device is set to run Android 10 with Microsoft Launcher as the UI, with Microsoft reportedly working on an Android 11 update soon after launch.

The specs are somewhat dated, and can not really compete with today’s flagship devices, so hopefully, Microsoft will price the handset keenly, though this seems rather unlikely.

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