Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality Controllers reviewed for the first time

VR aficionado Sean Ong has been having a series of firsts with Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform, the latest being the first review of the new Windows Mixed Reality Controllers in action.

The controllers are reference designs, with OEMs releasing their own very lightly rebranded versions, so his review should be applicable to the devices delivered by Asus, Dell, Acer, HP and so forth.

Sean appears suitably impressed by the button-strewn devices, which offer precise control over objects in the Windows Mixed Reality environment, particularly when used in pairs.  The great weakness of Microsoft’s setup is that the controllers are visually tracked by the headset, meaning when they are not in sight of your headset cameras (such as when they are behind your back, or being held low when you are looking up) they are no longer being tracked. From Sean’s review rotational motion is still tracked, but surprisingly the system does not even attempt to estimate position, something which should be roughly possible due to the gyroscopes and accelerometers in the controllers.

Sean also reports the controllers are not completely comfortable to use, but this is likely something which will vary from hand-size to hand-size.

Overall the headset and controller appear to work more than well enough already, and we are already seeing some games being announced which would make good use of the combination for dual-wielding action-adventure.

See the hands-on video below:

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