Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard now has more than 500 Million installs on the Play Store


17, 2019

Author Rahul // in Apps

Microsoft is invested in Android like never before and while it might be infuriating to some fans, Microsoft’s Android journey appears to be a success. Not only the company has managed to develop quality apps on Android but it also has received a good response from users.

One of the Microsoft apps that Android users love to use is the SwiftKey keyboard app. The app has passed the 500 million installations on Play Store. However, SwiftKey is not the only app to achieve such a success — Microsoft Office apps have achieved the milestone last year and they now have more than 1 billion installations on Play Store.

SwiftKey is one of the best KeyBoard apps available on the Google Play Store. Microsoft purchased SwiftKey back in 2016 and the company since then been working on various interesting new features for the app. The 4.5/5 rating for the app suggests that whatever Microsoft did with SwiftKey made users happy.

Do you agree that Microsoft’s increased participation in Android will help the company stay relevant in the consumer space? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

via AP

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