Microsoft Excel now has more than one billion Play Store installs


6, 2019

Back in the days when Windows Phone was a thing, hardly has anyone imagined that Microsoft’s productive apps will someday make their way to Android smartphones. And now in 2019, Microsoft is a major player in the Android market, with all the Microsoft apps now available on the Google Play Store — the company recently showcased its foldable dual-screen smartphone that will be powered by Android.

While some take issue with Microsoft’s growing engagement in the Android world, the Seattle-based tech firm, so far, has received plenty of appreciations for bringing their services to Android and to other major platforms — that’s what the number says!

Microsoft Excel recently hits one billion installs on Google Play Store. Now, that’s genuinely an impressive number. However, Microsoft’s Excel app is not the first app to achieve such a milestone. Microsoft Word hit one billion installs on Android a few months ago.

While the Excel app along with other Office apps comes pre-installed on many phones, the 4.5/5 rating for the app suggests many millions of happy users.

Do you agree that Microsoft’s increased participation in Android will help the company stay relevant in the consumer space? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

via: AP

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