Microsoft’s Project Cheshire will also have a web app

Earlier this year, we exclusively reported about Project Cheshire — Microsoft’s upcoming to-do list service. Back when we initially reported on it, the service was quite empty in terms of features. Over the past few months, Project Cheshire matured and made its way to iOS on Android as part of a private beta. And now, it seems like Microsoft will also have a web app for the service which you can see in the above screenshot.

The company is currently testing the web app along with the Windows 10, iOS and Android apps in the private beta. The web app offers a very similar experience to the Windows 10 app — everything including the UI and the features are almost exactly the same on the web as it is on the Windows 10 app.

Project Cheshire is certainly one of the most interesting things Microsoft has been working on lately. That’s because Microsoft already has Wunderlist which is very similar to Cheshire, and the firm also recently added a to-do list functionality to Cortana on all platforms. In fact, the company actually has an importing tool for Cheshire at which lets users import their content from Wunderlist and Todoist (another third-party to-do list service.

It simply doesn’t make quite sense why Microsoft would launch another to-do list service now. It is possible that we are yet to see the bigger picture here, Microsoft may have bigger plans for Cheshire but we’ll have to wait and see if there’s any use of Cheshire or if it’s just another to-do list app from Microsoft.

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