Those using Microsoft Teams on macOS often complain about performance issues, but the good news is that Microsoft has promised to give a performance boost to the Teams macOS client. The much-needed performance boost is expected to address the high CPU usage issue of Teams on Mac computers, thereby allowing users to use the communication took with ease.

Moreover, Microsoft confirmed that it’s “aggressively addressing other areas of performance around the Mac client.” However, the company hasn’t given us any timeline about when these changes will be available on the Teams Mac client. Nevertheless, given the fact that Microsoft has started working on it, we expect the changes to become available for Teams users soon.

In retrospect, Microsoft added the support for the Touch Bar to Microsoft Teams, allowing users to use the Touch Bar to turn their camera on/off, mute/unmute their microphone, raise/lower hand, leave a meeting, and more.

The Teams engineering team is also working on features that will be available across all platforms. One of the features the company is currently working on is the ability to download the list of users who attended the meeting. Letting students privately message their teachers is another useful feature the company is currently working on. Unfortunately, we don’t know when these features will be available to every Teams user.

Meanwhile, if you’re using Microsoft Teams on a Mac, let’s know if you’re experiencing any performance issues.