Microsoft Teams is coming to the Windows Store for Windows 10 PCs with Live Tile and Notifications support

November 10, 2016


Microsoft introduced its chat-based workspace app for Office 365, Microsoft Teams last week. Microsoft Teams is available as a Win32 app on Windows PCs, and it’s also available on the Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Interestingly enough though, the app is not available from the Windows Store on Windows 10 PCs via the Desktop Bridge (aka Project Centennial). Additionally, the app also uses custom notifications rather than the default Windows 10 notifications

In an Ask Me Anything session today, Microsoft is answering some questions regarding Teams — so I went ahead and ask Microsoft is the company plans on bringing Teams to the Windows Store. And as expected, Microsoft is, indeed, bringing Teams to the Windows Store via the Desktop App Bridge. In addition to bringing Teams to the Windows Store, Microsoft will also introduce Windows 10 notifications and Live Tile support. Here is the response from Microsoft’s Swati Jhawar who is a Senior Program Manager at Skype:

“We are working on that. We will be in Windows Store via Desktop Bridge which will enable capability to have Win 10 notifications and live tile updates”

Microsoft didn’t provide any info on when the app will be available from the Windows Store, but our guess is that it will be available sometime in early 2017 which is when Microsoft Teams will be coming out of preview. We’ll let you know when Microsoft Teams is available from the Windows Store — in the meantime, make sure to checkout our hands-on with Teams here.

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