Microsoft is bringing Windows 10’s Desktop App Converter to the Windows Store


Today, Microsoft announced a number of Windows 10 apps built with the Desktop App Converter is coming to the Windows Store. The Desktop App Converter, for those who don’t know, is basically a tool for developers that allows them to bring their classic Win32 apps to the Windows Store. Win32 apps that use the Desktop App Converter will also allow developers to utilize some features of the Universal Windows Platform, including things like Live Tiles, Cortana, and the Action Center. Previously, Microsoft allowed developers to download and use the Desktop App Converter from its official website. However, the software giant today announced that it is bringing the Desktop App Converter to the Windows Store. In a blog post, Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo stated:

“We’re happy to announce that today we have made the Desktop App Converter available for download directly from the Windows Store. This will enable updates of the Desktop App Converter with the latest features and bug-fixes to automatically be available to you as soon as we release them.”

This will, of course, make things a lot easier for developers, as it’ll allow them to update the Desktop App Converter automatically. Additionally, it also makes the installation process slightly easier which a lot of developers will appreciate. You can download Desktop App Converter from the link below — in the meantime, if you are a developer, let us know if you are looking forward to using the Desktop App Converter for your Win32 apps in the comment section below.

Desktop App Converter
Desktop App Converter

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