Microsoft starts sending out invities for Project Cortex Preview Program

by Anmol
April 2, 2020
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Back at Ignite 2019, Microsoft unveiled Project Cortex. Project Cortex in Microsoft 365 will help organizations in identifying, organizing, and delivering knowledge among the employees. It does three main things:

  • Project Cortex will use AI to make sense of organization’s data and automatically organize it into shared topics like projects and customers.
  • Project Cortex will give relevant knowledge to people across the organization through topic cards and topic pages.
  • Project Cortex will also turn your content into an interactive knowledge repository—with innovations in smart content ingestion—to analyze documents and create sophisticated content models; machine teaching, to allow subject matter experts to teach the system how to understand semi-structured content; and knowledge retrieval, to make it easy for people to access the valuable knowledge that’s so often locked away in locked away in documents, conversations, meetings, and videos.

Today, the company has announced the next wave of preview program and is sending out invites to a limited number of applicants.

We’re opening a limited number of spaces for the next wave of our Project Cortex private preview program. Applications are open through April 8, 2020. We’ll notify selected participants by the end of April. Visit our preview program blog post to get more details on requirements and apply for the preview program.

– Microsoft

Microsoft also noted that applicants who have “already applied, you don’t need to reapply.” Microsoft will “consider both existing and new applicants in our selection process.”

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