Microsoft refutes claim of Windows use decline, says usage up 75%

by Surur
May 4, 2020
Microsoft windows 10

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We reported two days ago that Windows appears to have lost market share to Linux and MacOS in the last month, dropping more than 1%.

Now Microsoft has responded by claiming not only has Windows use increased, but that usage is up massively, a full 75% YoY.

This amounts to 4 trillion minutes of use a month, or 7,610,350 years.

It, of course, makes sense that with everyone stuck at home use of larger screens would increase over mobile screens. This view is supported by this Statcounter chart, which shows a clear signal with Windows and OS X rising and Android and iOS dropping in the most recent weeks.

Microsoft also reported in their latest earnings results that Windows OEM Pro revenue grew 5% driven by PC demand due to remote work and learning needs.

It remains to be seen if this boost will continue if and when things return back to normal, but strangely, once again Microsoft appears to be one of the few companies benefitting from the COVID-19 crisis.

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