Microsoft quietly re-enables Upgrade Advisor for supported Windows phones

Earlier this weekend, Microsoft disabled the Upgrade Advisor app for Windows phones possibly unintentionally, possibly not. We do not know at this stage.

After the outcry from users, the firm has just as quietly re-enabled the app, with neither an explanation nor an apology – especially as some Windows Insiders would be downgrading their devices over the weekend to get them back to a supported state.

Just like with all things Windows phone, Microsoft has not given any indication as to why this disruption occurred or whether it can be expected to occur again or even a perfunctory apology to the hypothetically affected users of Windows phone.

Aside from irritating the Windows phone base, this incident raised questions regarding Microsoft’s upgrade process for Windows 10 Mobile. The firm still limits the Windows 10 Upgrade to the Upgrade Advisor or Windows Insider apps, making it inconvenient for users to be able to upgrade with ease. If either of these apps fail for whatever reason or Windows Phone 8.1 experiences MSA related glitches, users are left without recourse. In addition to that, Microsoft also makes it mandatory for devices which shipped on Windows Phone 8.1 to restore back to the last available version of 8.1 – another odd choice that makes restoring your handset with the Windows Device recovery tool a multi-hour process.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone update policies are as baffling as ever, and the company’s carelessness in handling PR blunders of this scale in its self-cultivated “fan” community only serves to magnify the oddities.

You can download the Upgrade Advisor app from the store link below.