Microsoft’s work on enabling disadvantage gamers to play as comfortably as possible isn’t over yet. What started with the awesome programmable Xbox Adaptive Controller is set to continue with a new device that outputs braille.

Microsoft patented the new technology in October 2018, but the documents involving the designs were only made public on May 2nd.

The designs show a standard Xbox One pad that has a braille display attachment on the rear with six paddles extending from the sides. The braille display can show text or audio through braille. This could be used for reading tutorials, menus or livestream chats on apps like Twitch.

Microsoft’s patent also claims the device would be able to recognise the user’s speech commands and convert the commands to braille.

Microsoft’s patents are frequent, there’s even one for a new Xbox Elite controller, but they don’t always see release. Hopefully, a controller as important as this one will see the light of day.

If you want to read the full patent, go here!

Source: LetsGoDigital