Microsoft Outlook update on Android makes reviewing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files easier

August 31, 2022

Microsoft has pushed an update to the Outlook app on Android, adding a useful feature and no other changes. Taking the app to version 4.2232.1, the latest update now allows Outlook users on Android to review Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files sent to them over email without leaving the email app. If this sound familiar, the company recently integrated Microsoft To Do with Outlook for Windows.

Below is the official changelog in case you want to learn about the new capability directly from Microsoft.

Microsoft Outlook 4.2232.1 Changelog

Outlook for Android

In the previous update, Microsoft added new color categories to the Outlook calendar to help you manage events. With new color categories, it became easier for you to label, tag, and group events with one or many categories. Microsoft Outlook also supports nifty features like Play My emailsFAQ experience in the app, built-in support for iCS attachments, the ability to create an Outlook email account, and more. Microsoft will continue to add new features to Outlook through app updates, thereby making the app better.

You can download and install the Microsoft Outlook app on your Android smartphone from the below link, or you can go to the Google Play Store and search for the app. And if you have already installed the latest version, let us know your experience with the new color categories feature in the comments section.

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
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