Microsoft may reportedly bring wider mod support to Xbox One games

Few games currently have mod support on Xbox One, but that could be changing in the future. According to a report from Windows Central, leaked internal documents indicate that Microsoft is looking to bring wider mod support to Xbox One games.

The presentation points to mod support arrival “later this summer,” but with no official word regarding them as of yet, plans may have changed. A new infrastructure called the Xbox Community Content platform has been built for developers to make it easier for them to support mods and other user-generated content within their games.

Not only will this enable broader mod support across Xbox, but it gives developers the power to curate them as well. This means that they can choose what is and isn’t a mod in their games. Certain games may only allow cosmetic mods to be used like texture packs, while others could include mods such as weapons or entire quests. Monetization of these will be at the discretion of the developer.

Back in March, job listings over at Microsoft hinted that wider mod support would be coming. Specifically, there was a job posting for a Senior Program Manager tasked with “driving support on Xbox Live for game mods.”

Games like Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and more recently Cities: Skylines all have mod support enabled in some form. Should this ability be opened up for more developers, it would drive an incredible amount of content and add longevity to games on consoles that their current PC counterparts already enjoy.