Microsoft is now promoting Bing as a game expert, guide bot

March 11, 2023
Microsoft Bing

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Microsoft recently encouraged the gaming community to use Bing to find relevant information about a variety of games. Aside from factual details, the Redmond company noted that the ChatGPT-powered bot could also answer creative, spontaneous queries related to games, its characters, and more.

With a multi-billion dollar investment in ChatGPT-creator OpenAI, Microsoft wants to make the best out of Bing. Aside from being a search assistant, the Redmond company is now pushing it as a game guide chatbot, which can answer different questions related to a bunch of games.

In its recent blog post, it seems Microsoft has made significant improvements to Bing to allow it to efficiently answer game-related queries. According to the company, it tested Bing in the said area and provided results Microsoft described as “impressive.” 

In general, Microsoft stressed that Bing could handle more than simple queries (like recaps) as it is also capable of delivering suggestions and spilling tips that gamers could find helpful. Interestingly, the chatbot can also process vague queries about some game details, like the “blue alien lady in Mass Effect 3” or a “list of Fallout 3 quests that begin with the letter J.” With this, Microsoft said Bing could also answer other random questions, including recreating some objects found in the games, from foods to swords and more.

However, though Bing can accept random questions in different ways and formats, the software giant noted some specific ways to effectively extract game details from the bot. Microsoft added that through follow-up questions, Bing could deliver more detailed insights into the previously provided information. Here are some of the query samples Microsoft said gamers could use as guides:

“Tell me about the best cyberpunk-style role-playing games on Xbox.”

“What loadout should I use in Warzone 2.0 multiplayer?”

“Give me a recap of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch up to chapter 4.”

“Where can I find that one quest where there’s that guy who did that one thing with the fire sword that one time?”

“How do I make a toy sword based on a design found in Skyrim?”

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