Microsoft is hiring a Principal Program Manager in Santa Monica to “grow internal studio talent” and ship high quality AAA games

A recent job listing posted on Microsoft’s website indicates that the company is looking to build a team in California that will ship high quality AAA games.

The job listing states that they are hiring for a Principal Program Manager who will “hire and grow internal studio talent to build teams and culture.” Among the responsibilities and qualifications include “a knowledge and understanding of the process of building new IP” and “experience shipping high quality titles at AAA standards.”

Just last month Microsoft hired former Crystal Dynamics head Darrell Gallagher to join Microsoft Studios’ executive leadership team. His exact role within the company will be communicated at E3 2018, but seeing as Gallagher is based in Los Angeles, he could be helping build this new team.

Though Xbox’s exact road map isn’t known, the team has taken every chance to assure fans that they’ve been heard loud and clear in regards to complaints over Xbox’s lack of high quality exclusives. E3 may or may not bring the coveted announcements we await this year, but it should at the very least give us a glimpse of the future of Xbox.

Sony already has a Santa Monica studio that just released the acclaimed God of War on PlayStation 4. Let’s hope Microsoft can attain that level of success with their own Santa Monica studio.

Via: ResetEra