Microsoft is getting closer to bringing its own Handoff-like feature to Windows 10


Back in April, we reported that Microsoft has added a new option to Windows 10 which allows Windows 10 PC users to continue app experiences from their other devices running Windows 10. Until today, this feature doesn’t seem to do anything. However, this could be changing pretty soon. In the latest internal builds of Windows 10 Mobile, there’s the same “Continue App Experiences” option in the Settings app which enables apps on your other Windows 10 devicesto continue experiences on your Windows 10 Mobile.

This feature is very similar Apple’s Handoff feature which is available for OS X and iOS already. For those unfamiliar, on an iPhone, you can continue using apps like the default Mail app on your Mac instantly. For example, if you are editing an email on your iPhone but want to add an attachment from your Mac, you can simply continue to edit the same email from your Mac via Handoff. In addition to this, Apple’s Handoff also allows users to take phone calls on their Mac which is also pretty handy. While it isn’t yet clear if Microsoft will bring this feature to Windows 10, the company did show off a screenshot (probably a concept) at Build 2016 which suggests that this feature could be coming to Windows 10 as well.


Moreover, it will be very interesting to see if Microsoft allows third-party developers to integrate this feature into their Universal Windows Apps for Windows 10. Unlike Apple, Microsoft’s Continue App Experiences has a huge potential as the company can technically add this feature to all devices running Windows 10, including the Xbox One, HoloLens and Surface Hub which would be pretty huge if it actually happens.

Nevertheless, are you excited for Microsoft’s Continue App Experiences feature for Windows 10? Let us know in the comment section below.