Microsoft Flight Simulator real-time snow makes your game a Winter Wonderland

January 4, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator real-time snow

We all love frolicking about in the snow, but there’s one major problem with actually experiencing it. Brace yourselves for this: snow… Is really, really cold. Thankfully, the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator real-time snow adds most of the weather’s benefits with none of the cons.

Launching alongside a new Let it Snow trailer, the Microsoft Flight Simulator real-time snow update uses real weather data to realistically recreate the depth and intensity of snow across the entirety of its virtual world.

The same underlying technology was used to simulate the game’s litany of other weather conditions, including its real-time hurricane simulation that saw thousands of virtual pilots heading into Hurricane Laura.

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s new Let it Snow trailer shows the feature in all of its glory. Developer Asobo Studios has taken gorgeous shots of their high-detail aircraft swooping over snow-capped trees, covered buildings, wide expanses of frozen lakes and more.

Check out the trailer below:

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In our review of Microsoft Flight Simulator, we said: “There’s no doubt that Microsoft Flight Simulator is as outstandingly beautiful as it is realistic. Flying through this digital world offers wonderfully zen experiential tours that’ll last for hours, providing one of gaming’s most remarkable experiences. While as a simulator, it undoubtedly won’t be to everyone’s tastes, if you’ve been craving some socially responsible global tourism and some of the best vistas gaming has to offer, then Microsoft Flight Simulator has you covered.”

With many unable to experience the joys of winter – or those who don’t have a nice, warm pair of gloves – still stuck inside, this recent update should at least bring some joy to your quarantine. It’s also free on Xbox Game Pass.

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