Hundreds of Flight Sim players flew into Hurricane Laura thanks to live weather simulation


27, 2020

Hundreds of Flight Sim enthusiasts took to the harrowing skies to explore Hurricane Laura from the safety of their homes. 

As the devestating storm moved towards the coast of America yesterday, the Flight Sim community turned on their Live Weather simulation and went nose-first into Hurricane Laura.

Reddit user SirCashRegister posted an image of the game’s world just past Texas. The Flight Sim map showed hundreds of little green dots – representing players – braving the virtual journey.

The amount of people checking out Laura!!! from flightsim

Despite the horrendous activity that was happening at ground level, the massive group of virtual pilots captured what is arguably some of the most beautiful moments we’ve seen in Flight Sim yet.

Reddit user JKeith26 took to the skies with a gorgeous orange warmth seeping through the deadly cloud spires. While Hurricane Laura was devestating to those on land, the far away clouds were undeniably jaw-dropping. The Reddit user documented their travels with a stunning photo album that you can see below.

Into the Storm – Hurricane Laura from flightsim

What resulted was a weird sense of camaraderie as a massive group of strangers fought the digital winds in a variety of different aircraft. As usual, not everyone made it through the billowing winds; despite Microsoft Flight Simulator’s live weather drastically decreasing the speeds of the hurricane’s gales, smaller aircraft had troubles navigating.

Entering the eye of Hurricane Laura from MicrosoftFlightSim

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Banner Image sourced from R/FlightSim – U/JKeith26

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