Microsoft Flight Simulator now runs much better on PC

July 28, 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator

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After being showcased last month, Microsoft Flight Simulator has finally had its long-awaited fifth major update, bringing in significant performance improvement.

In last months showcase, Asobo Studio’s CEO Sebastian Wloch demonstrated that Microsoft Flight Simulator‘s fifth major update was able to greatly boost performance from a passable 30 to 40 FPS when flighting over Manhattan at ultra graphics, all the way to a buttery smooth 55 to 60 FPS, with the CPU no longer being the bottleneck. 

In the patch notes for the update, Asobo Studios revealed exactly what they’ve done “to make the experience more seamless,” while you’re soaring through the skies. The performance patch notes are as follows: 

  • Improved multi core support for CPU
  • Better memory and GPU usage
  • Faster loading times
  • Stutters have been significantly reduced

Thanks to these dramatic performance improvements, we can expect to see similar performance gains when trying to play Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR, which was previously a Sisyphean task requiring almost supercomputer levels of performance to run smoothly. 

The performance upgrades are undoubtedly also vital to Microsoft Flight Simulator being able to run smoothly on Xbox’s next-gen Series X|S consoles, which it released on to yesterday. 

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These performance improvements have arrived alongside new features, available for both PC and Xbox pilots, which we covered yesterday. These new features include Flight Training, Discovery Flights, and in-flight assistance to allow you to properly admire the stunning world Asobo Studio’s has captured. 

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