Microsoft enter into advanced talks with Discord for $10 billion acquisition


26, 2021

Microsoft and Discord have continued their negotiations, entering into advanced talks after their $10 billion offer a few days ago. 

Previously, the expectation from talks was that Discord was just getting big numbers for bragging rights, with the most likely option being the company going public. However, with Microsoft moving into advanced talks, 10 billion dollars might be too good a deal to pass up.

According to The Wall Street Journal that revealed the exclusive talks going on, we could see the deal completed next month “assuming people don’t fall apart” WSJ’s people said. 

There’s no telling what would happen to Discord after an acquisition by the tech giant beyond wild rampant speculation, so we’ll just have to wait and see. 

Microsoft does have a history of buying out companies with some truly monolithic stacks of cash, such as their previous Bethesda Zenimax acquisition for $7.5 billion. So Discord fetching $10 billion or above is a very real possibility.

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