Microsoft are in talks to buy Discord


23, 2021

Microsoft is one of the numerous potential buyers in talks to acquire Discord Inc. according to a Bloomberg report

Microsoft’s current offer is said to stand at $10 billion, a whole lot of cash considering that Microsoft’s recent Bethesda Zenimax acquisition cost them $7.5 billion. 

Microsoft and Discord have struck deals in the past, though admittedly nothing like this. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate having offered 3 months of Discord Nitro in the past. A service that could no doubt be introduced to the Xbox network ecosystem

Before you get too excited and or worried, however, it’s reportedly more likely that Discord will go public, rather than accept any bids to acquire the company, according to one of Bloomberg’s sources. 

Representatives from Microsoft and Discord have declined to give comment on these rumours so far, and we won’t likely hear anything concrete till a deal is made or not.

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