Microsoft Edge now allows you to preserve cookies for specific websites when you close the browser


31, 2020

Microsoft has been constantly improving Edge to ensure it stays ahead of the competition. Just yesterday, the company announced a couple of cool features for the browser and now Microsoft has silently added another important feature to Edge Canary.

Microsoft Edge currently offers a setting that allows users to clear browsing data when you close the web browser. While you can choose what exactly the browser deletes upon exit if you had set it to delete cookies, the browser will sign you out of all the websites. However, the latest addition to Microsoft Edge Canary will allow you to preserve cookies for specific websites so you don’t have to sign in every time you open a specific website.

To use the feature, you will need Edge Canary v83.0.470.0 or above and will need to individually add websites to the whitelist. To add websites, go to Settings > Privacy and Services > Choose what to clear every time you close the browser and enable “Cookies and other site data”. Once done, click on “add” under the “Do not clear” option and enter the URLs.

The feature is currently available for Microsoft Edge Canary users but we expect Microsoft to roll it out to the other Insider Channels soon.

Via Techdows

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