Microsoft’s new Smart Copy feature will preserve rich formatting when copying from the web

by Anmol
March 30, 2020
Microsoft Edge

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Earlier today, Microsoft held a virtual press event where the company announced a lot of new services including consumer edition of Teams and Microsoft Editor. Along with new services, Microsoft also announced new features for Chromium-based Edge.

One of the new features for Microsoft Edge is Smart Copy. The feature will allow users to preserve rich formatting when copying from the web. Microsoft noted that it would preserve images, formatting or links to ensure that the content looks exactly as you want.

Smart copy makes it easier to select, copy and paste the exact content you want from the web and preserve the rich web format. You can use your cursor to select any area or type of content. When you paste it will retain the formatting, including any images or links.

– Microsoft

Smart Copy will be making it to Insider channels next month. Microsoft hasn’t revealed when the feature will come to the public channel but we expect it to be later this year.

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