Microsoft confirms Mango users will not have to say sorry, can roll on straight to WP7.5 RTM


There was a rumour this morning that Microsoft’s “Mango Friends and Family Bundle: Pre-Cleanup” would make everything better for early Mango upgraders, of which we expect there are about a million.

Now Brandon Watson confirmed that developers who are currently running Mango will in fact not have to roll back to their NoDo back-up, but will instead receive the final version of Mango with carrier customizations over the next few weeks. Rolling back would have lost users the new data they collected over the last few months, including SMS messages, game scores and app data.

Of course Brandon’s message is directed at legitimate developers who have upgraded their phones,  but I am sure many hundreds of thousands of users really hope it also applies to us scofflaws too.

Update: Brandon tweeted further:


I still remain unconcerned however.  If there is a (blocked) route it will make it that much easier for the hackers to enable if need be.

Thanks Christopher for the tip.