Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services is getting more improvements and a bigger expansion into new markets this year, announced Bill Borden, Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Financial Services at Microsoft. After its rollout in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, the service will now be offered to nine more countries, namely Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Switzerland.

“We’re continually expanding our Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services offering to help more customers take advantage of these capabilities and drive innovation for responsible growth,” Borden states. “To that end, we are excited to share our latest milestones including our partner momentum, expanded market availability, and enhanced capabilities for creating more connected and differentiated customer experiences.”

In relation to this, the company is also updating the list of languages Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services is supporting. This includes support for Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The list is expected to stretch even more in the coming months as Microsoft is clear about its plan to make the cloud product available in more markets globally.

Joining the expansion of Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services to other markets is some upgrades in its banking customer engagement capability. The main new feature that will be offered comes in the form of Intelligent Appointments, which will only be available in preview for the United States and the United Kingdom markets, the multinational technology corporation stresses. Intelligent Appointments promises an intuitive interface and general use for all businesses and customers, especially when setting up a smart scheduling experience. 

“Intelligent Appointments are designed to provide customers and banking contact centers with a meeting scheduling experience, online or in-person, that easily and quickly matches the customer’s financial needs with a relevant advisor who is skilled, available, and ready to offer meaningful interactions,” adds Borden in the blog post. “This feature leverages Universal Resource Scheduling and the financial services data model for results while connecting seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Teams.”

Microsoft’s program is currently in partnership with up to 90 organizations and partners, including Accenture, ArganoArbela, ASC, Bambu, BioCatch, Mambu, PwC, Seismic, and Thought Machine. The joint efforts are directed toward the objective of continuously working on the improvement of the said service, which now provides over 25 solutions built on Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services.