Microsoft explains the features of the new Classroom Pen 2

April 21, 2021
Microsoft Classroom Pen 2

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Microsoft Classroom Pen 2

Back in January 2019, Microsoft announced a new stylus called the Classroom Pen which was smaller than a typical Surface Pen at four inches long. The Classroom Pen was made available for education customers at $799.80 (price for 20 pack). Early this year, Microsoft announced the next generation Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 with a longer enclosure and a more affordable price tag of $19.99. This new Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 is now available in 36 markets around the world.

Today, Microsoft posted a new video explaining the improvements available in the Classroom Pen 2.

Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 is designed for students who put their learning tools through heavy wear and tear. The pen tip is durable. Never lose a pen with a built-in slot at the end that makes for easy tethering. Write and draw naturally. A portable size and a perfect fit for students, Microsoft Classroom Pen makes it easy to sketch, color, and take notes in the classroom and at home.

You can check out the video below.

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