Microsoft finally release a cheap Surface Pen, but you can’t get it

January 22, 2019
Microsoft Surface Go Classroom Pen

Microsoft’s Surface Pen is a natural writing and drawing tool that is already available in the market. But it is a premium accessory that costs $99. To have inking experience on an affordable device like Surface Go which costs $349, you can’t expect customers to buy the existing Surface Pen accessory for $99. Especially in the education scenario, buying Surface Pen for every student in the class will need a separate budget allocation in addition to the actual device.

To solve this problem, Microsoft today announced a new stylus called the Classroom Pen. The Classroom Pen is smaller than a Surface Pen at four inches long and it is also easier to hold. The writing tip on the Classroom Pen can be replaced just like the Surface Pen and Microsoft is including an extra tip included in the box. Apart from that, you have got two customizable buttons and the eraser functionality will work as you expect even though there is no physical eraser on the other end of the pen. Also, a built-in slot at the end makes for easy tethering to students’ device cases, so the pen doesn’t get lost.

The Classroom Pen can be purchased by education customers for $799.80 (20 pack). Basically, each pen will cost you about $40, less than half of Surface Pen’s cost. Microsoft will ship the Classroom Pen next month in 36 markets around the world where Surface Go is available.

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